Teaching and Learning Continuity

Teaching and Learning Continuity Preparedness

Educational Resources & Technology fully supports the continuation of teaching and learning initiatives, including during periods where teaching and learning are severely disrupted. More information on these services is available on https://edtech.yale-nus.edu.sg.

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No. Teaching Methods Activity Description Guides Contact
1 Canvas module with the following tools enabled. a. Display a week-by-week lesson plan with Pages.

b. Post Announcements to students.

c. Assignments

· To allow students to submit their homework.

d. Discussion Forums

· To give students a space to have discussions, clarify doubts and for instructor to clear up any misunderstood points.

e. Quizzes

f. Files

· To upload lecture slides and other e-resources.

g. Panopto Recordings

· To upload any large media files, if necessary.

h. Online Chat

· To give a space for asynchronous instant-messaging, visible to all enrolled users.

a. Canvas: Pages

b. Canvas: Announcements

c. Canvas: Assignments

d. Canvas: Discussions

e. Canvas: Quizzes

f. Canvas: Files

g. Enabling Panopto in Canvas

h. Canvas: Chat

· Technical Support through 24/7 Canvas Support (Hotline and Live Chat):

Login to Canvas, click Help icon, select mode of assistance

· Specific user or customised support:

2 Self-Recording a. Camtasia – https://edtech.yale-nus.edu.sg/video-recording-tools/

Camtasia is for creating video tutorials and presentations, and offers more advanced post-editing features.

b. Panopto – https://edtech.yale-nus.edu.sg/video-recording-tools/

Panopto will capture whatever is displayed on the computer screen, together with any audio present e.g. background music, microphone.

The screen-recorded file can be saved directly in the laptop or your personal folder in Panopto.

· Remarks: Camtasia and Panopto software can be installed on Windows and Mac.

c. Canvas – Recording short clips through webcam

Canvas has a built-in video recorder, using your webcam. Generally, for straightforward and edit-free recording.

a. Set up Camtasia Recorder (NUS Wiki)

b. Panopto: How to Self-Record

c. Canvas: Recording Media

· Camtasia Licences for installation:
edtech@yale-nus.edu.sg· Recording assistance:
yncit@yale-nus.edu.sg , edtech@yale-nus.edu.sg
3 Live classroom delivery with Zoom Web conferencing using Zoom – https://edtech.yale-nus.edu.sg/video-recording-tools/

Zoom allows Instructors to host online meetings, synchronous virtual classrooms, group discussions, sharing of screen and files to your participants in real-time.

Zoom is also integrated within Canvas, accessible directly within your Canvas courses. Enrolled students can participate in Zoom sessions seamlessly through Canvas, without creating any additional accounts.

Requires an internet connection, laptop microphone and a web camera.

· Using Zoom for Online Meetings

· Using Zoom Breakout Rooms in Canvas to deliver your lesson

· Enabling Zoom in Canvas

· Zoom licences and support:
yncit@yale-nus.edu.sg· Using Zoom with Canvas:
4 Proctored Quiz with Canvas Respondus LockDown Browser – https://edtech.yale-nus.edu.sg/respondus-lockdown-browser/

This tool is to be used with Canvas Quizzes only. The LockDown Browser essentially isolates and locks-down the students’ laptop from any other internet access or using any application from the beginning to the end of the Canvas Quiz.

· Respondus: Quick guide for instructors · Request to activate Respondus LockDown: