Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an online application that facilitates audience participation. It can help to bring more interactivity into your classes or activities to further engage students. The audience can participate by using any web-enabled device (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops) or the Poll Everywhere app (iOS and Android only). You can choose to display the poll within a web page, or embed it in a presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote).


Some ways to use Poll Everywhere:

  • Gather spontaneous responses
  • Assess understanding of concepts of your PowerPoint presentation
  • Challenge perceptions or misconceptions
  • Live classroom quizzes
  • Open-ended polls, allowing students to type in questions as they come up


Faculty members who need to use Poll Everywhere can contact the EdTech team at edtech@yale-nus.edu.sg.


Product Information:
Poll Everywhere – Official website